Artificial Grass for Sports Fields

Aloro Group is a specialist supplier of artificial grass for sports surfaces. With an extensive range of synthetic sports turf products, we’ll help you get your oval, field, pitch or court looking great – all year round!

Shop Aloro's artificial grass for sports fields, school ovals and community sports facilities. Aloro's artificial sports turf is tough and hard-wearing, making it ideal for high-impact and demanding sports like soccer, hockey, cricket, futsal and more. Resistant to damage from sun and rain, synthetic grass sports surfaces outperform natural grass and require far less maintenance. 

Plus, synthetic sports turf is child and pet-friendly, comfortable to play on, and provides all-year-round usability. 

Our range of synthetic grass for sports fields includes specialist products like soccer grass, cricket grass, hockey grass and multi-sports turf which is available in a variety of colours. Each product has been developed to meet the demands of rigorous sports, offering a high-quality yet cost-effective solution for sports facilities across Australia. 

And, because Aloro's synthetic sports grass products only need minimal maintenance,  you can spend more time enjoying the space as well as less money on grounds managers, watering, and weed management. 

Need the best quality synthetic turf for sports? With over 20 years of experience providing artificial grass Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the best choice for artificial grass

If you would like to find out more about our products, contact Aloro Group – specialists in synthetic surfaces for every sport.

Artificial Sports Grass Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play sports on artificial grass?

Of course! artificial turf is a popular option for many sports pitches. That's because it's durable, low-maintenance and affordable for facilities to keep all year round, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient choice. It also works well as a high-performance surface for a multitude of activities.

How long does artificial sports turf last for?

Sports field synthetic grass can last for up to ten years when professionally installed, however with frequent use comes the need for frequent maintenance. Aloro Group has a range of robust and hard-wearing synthetic sports grass, specifically designed to handle the intense level of activity that comes with many sports. You can expect your Aloro synthetic turf to maintain its appearance and performance for many years provided you care for it as recommended.

What types of sports can be played on artificial grass?

Artificial grass sports surfaces can be used for a huge variety of sports, from young children’s sports and games through to highly competitive club matches. Some popular uses for sports grass include: Football, Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Field hockey, Futsal, Golf, Cricket, Athletics, and many more!

How do I maintain artificial grass on a sports field?

One of the key benefits of artificial grass sports surfaces is how easy they are to maintain. Artificial sports turf requires very little maintenance compared to natural grass, which demands near-constant watering, weeding and mowing. In contrast, synthetic grass needs minimal maintenance to keep it looking brilliant all year round! There are a few things you can do to keep your artificial grass looking its best and performing at its best. Aloro Group recommends that you brush the turf regularly to remove dirt and debris and encourage the fibres to remain vertical. You should also rinse the turf with water if you see significant dirt or dust build up – this can be done around once a month. You can also use a leaf blower to blow away surface leaves and debris, especially if your turf is surrounded by many trees or shrubs.