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For over 20 years we have supplied quality synthetic grass and rubber softfall surface materials to the trade and the general public. Based in Sydney, we’re one of the leading synthetic grass suppliers for residential, commercial, landscaping and sporting applications.

Offering a huge range of the best synthetic grass and rubber softfall products, we also supply everything you need for a successful installation including grass adhesives, underlays and landscaping supplies. Partnering with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, our quality landscaping, sporting and garden products will elevate your outdoor space.

Aloro Group helps you buy the best synthetic grass, rubber softfall, and installation accessories at a cost-effective price – with fast and reliable shipping to keep your project on track.

Artificial Grass for Residential and Commercial Projects

Synthetic Grass to Complement Your Home

Dreaming of a yard that always looks amazing? The low-maintenance, high-impact alternative to traditional lawns is residential synthetic turf. 

The latest technology and manufacturing methods mean that modern fake grass is barely distinguishable from real lawns – and you never have to mow again! Take back your weekends with easy-care synthetic turf that is soft, comfortable, safe for children and pets, and looks great year-round. 

Residential synthetic grass products from Aloro Group are specifically selected for longevity, performance and durability in high-traffic areas. For front yards, backyards, entertaining areas, or challenging shady areas where regular grass simply doesn’t thrive, our landscape grass varieties can enhance your property giving that always-perfect look and elevating the street appeal of your home and garden. 

Bright green fake grass is a thing of the past, with today’s natural-looking artificial grasses using several shades of green and brown to deliver an incredibly lifelike result. Plus, a selection of different pile heights means that you can fully customise the look of your lawn.


Artificial Grass for Commercial Properties and Sports Venues 

Aloro Group partners with landscapers, project managers, councils and educational facilities, offering expertise and advice to help you buy synthetic grass that delivers on price, performance and durability. 

From soccer pitches to shopping centres, synthetic turf has a multitude of applications in the commercial sector, creating cost-effective green spaces that require very little maintenance. 

Sports fields in particular can be affected by extreme heat or heavy rainfall, creating an unusable dust bowl or turning a green grass pitch into a muddy mess. Synthetic turf solves this dilemma, offering better drainage and more usability of green spaces for the local community, so cricket, soccer, football, hockey, tennis, volleyball and athletics can continue – no matter the weather.

Choose the Best Synthetic Grass Suppliers – Shop Online with Aloro Group

Aloro Group stocks a wide range of synthetic grass products to suit any landscaping, residential, sporting or commercial project. With a life-like appearance and soft feel, our turf products are made of strong and durable synthetic yarns that are firmly fixed to durable backing material. 

Built to withstand frequent use, our hard-wearing artificial grass products perform to a high standard thanks to their quality of construction, UV-stabilised materials, and fade resistance.  With good site preparation and installation, synthetic grass will last for years and save you loads of time, almost eliminating the constant maintenance required by natural grass. 

See why we’re Australia’s favourite synthetic turf and rubber soft fall suppliers – buy synthetic grass online from Aloro Group and get the best result for your project!

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