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Get an artificial lawn that elevates your outdoor space! Shop Aloro's artificial landscaping grass products, the perfect choice for residential lawns, commercial properties, and green areas of any size. 

Artificial grass landscaping is a cost-effective, low-maintenance and long-term solution to getting a great-looking garden. And, because we only stock the best artificial grass for landscaping applications, you can be sure you’re getting a product that will look brilliant for years to come. 

Our synthetic grass landscaping products are carefully selected to offer the best balance of strength and aesthetics. Resilient to the elements, child and pet friendly, comfortable, and attractive all year round, Aloro's products also require little maintenance so you can spend less time mowing, weeding and watering and more time enjoying the great outdoors. 

  • With no need for pesticides, fertilisers or excessive water usage, you're contributing to a greener planet while enjoying a green yard.
  • Don’t waste water in our hot and dry climate – synthetic turf doesn't need a drop of water to maintain its lush appearance, reducing your water bills.
  • No more endless mowing and weeding – spend your time enjoying your yard rather than tending to it.
  • Whilst natural grass withers and dies during harsh weather conditions, synthetic turf remains resilient and vibrant throughout the year.

With over 20 years of experience supplying synthetic lawns Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the best choice for artificial grass for Australian homes. 

If you have any questions or you’d like help selecting the best variety of synthetic lawn turf for your property, contact Aloro Group

Artificial Landscaping Grass Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using artificial grass for landscaping?

Replacing natural grass with artificial turf has become a popular choice for many reasons. It’s easy to care for, freeing up your time to spend on more enjoyable activities. It saves you money in the long run by heavily reducing water use, as well as eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, synthetic lawn grass can be utilised in places where natural turf simply won’t grow such as areas of deep shade, boggy areas with poor drainage, or on poor rocky soils that can’t support plant growth. Perhaps the biggest advantage of artificial turf is its durability and longevity: High-quality artificial turf can withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions without wearing down. It remains green and lush-looking throughout the year, providing a consistent surface in backyards, on rooftop gardens, or in commercial spaces. Unlike natural grass which can become muddy and unusable after heavy rain, artificial turf allows for year-round play and activities, regardless of the weather. When properly installed and maintained, artificial turf can provide a comfortable, cushioned surface that is soft and inviting. Artificial turf maintains its pristine, manicured appearance without the need for constant upkeep, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the space. Boost your home's curb appeal and value with a beautifully manicured synthetic turf lawn using our quality landscaping artificial grass products.

Synthetic turf differs from natural grass in several ways, including: minimal maintenance requirements, resistance to weather and environmental conditions, consistent appearance and green colour, and being suitable for high-traffic areas.

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes, artificial grass by Aloro Group is safe for children and pets as it is made from non-toxic materials. Plus, one of the key benefits of using artificial grass in your yard is that it is allergy-friendly, reducing allergens like pollen that can exacerbate asthma and hayfever. It’s worth noting that animals can use the grass as usual, but it’s crucial that you clean up the area frequently. This includes removing droppings and hosing the area down to prevent stains and odours. This quick and easy cleaning routine will also increase the lifespan of your fake grass.

How long does artificial grass lawn last for?

With occasional care and maintenance, high-quality artificial turf can withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions without wearing down. It remains green and aesthetically pleasing for many years, and correct installation and site preparation will extend its life. Most high-quality synthetic turf products will last between 10 and 15 years, however this also depends on the amount of wear and tear the surface is exposed to and how it has been cared for over time.

How do I clean and maintain artificial grass landscapes?

Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. It eliminates the need for mowing, watering, fertilising, and pest control. This can result in significant cost savings over time, especially for large areas like sports fields or community green spaces. However, whilst it is low-maintenance, it’s not ‘no-maintenance’ – there is a small amount of upkeep required. The team at Aloro Group recommends that you regularly remove debris and leaves with a leaf blower or rake, and occasionally rinse the grass with water to remove dust and traces of pet waste. For more thorough cleaning, you can use a mild detergent and water, brushing the fibres to keep them upright and prevent matting.