Artificial Grass for Hockey

Great for year-round play, Aloro Group’s durable and low-maintenance artificial hockey grass is the best choice for your field. Whether you’re building a new field or revitalising an existing hockey pitch, field hockey artificial turf from Aloro will help you get a brilliant result. 

With over 20 years of experience providing synthetic grass Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the premier supplier of quality landscaping products for residential, commercial and sports applications. 

If you have any questions, contact Aloro Group – our friendly and experienced team can guide you through choosing the right surface for your synthetic hockey field. 

Aloro Group also stocks a range of synthetic grass products, including synthetic grass for sports like tennis, golf and lawn bowls, synthetic grass for soccer fields, and cricket pitch artificial grass.


Synthetic Hockey Turf Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using synthetic hockey grass?

Natural field hockey grass can quickly dry out and die off in summer, providing a dry, dusty and difficult playing surface. Conversely, heavy rain can cause muddy puddles and create divots in the pitch that affect play. Using artificial grass for hockey pitches solves these issues by delivering a strong and versatile surface that handles variable environmental conditions and repetitive use with ease. It also offers a uniform playing surface and consistent, dynamic ball behaviour. Far more durable than natural grass, synthetic grass can withstand frequent hockey matches with very low maintenance requirements, and no expensive and time-consuming mowing or fertilising.

Can you play hockey on artificial grass?

Artificial hockey turf surfaces are soft and enjoyable for athletes to play on. With shock pads installed underneath the turf layer, impact and injuries are minimised, creating a welcoming surface for players that enhances every match. Modern artificial turf hockey fields are widely used in Australia, offering fast gameplay thanks to consistent, dense artificial fibres that are designed to let the ball run with smooth precision.

Why is hockey played on artificial grass?

Synthetic turf has revolutionised field hockey, transforming the game into a much faster experience with less margin for error. In the 1970s, World Hockey found that "artificial grass permits easier ball control and this in itself helps to reduce the number of infringements of the rules, which means fewer whistles and stoppages. The game thus becomes easier to follow, as well as being a faster spectacle and much more interesting from a spectator point of view." Whilst synthetic landscaping turf is manufactured to mimic real grass, artificial hockey grass features short, straight, consistent fibres that produce much greater ball speeds. This means that players must be skilled at hitting and trapping to keep pace with a faster game.

Why are synthetic hockey fields wet?

Watering the pitch during field hockey creates a safer surface as it gives players the ability to control their slides, as well as providing a cooler and less abrasive surface if falls occur. Wet hockey grass also delivers faster and more consistent ball behaviour, encouraging a more responsive and dynamic style of play. Compared with a dry pitch, hockey balls bounce better on a wet surface, and at a more appropriate height.