Joining Tape for Artificial Grass

To neatly and effectively join pieces of artificial grass during installation, choose Aloro's artificial grass joining tape.

This specially designed joining tape is essential for connecting pieces together and creating seamless artificial grass spaces. For landscaping, sports fields or outdoor entertaining zones, artificial grass joining tape is an all-important product for a professional and well-finished installation. 

To make installation easy for our customers, Aloro Group also stocks galvanised pins, grass adhesive glue and dry sand for artificial grass.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering artificial grass Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the best choice for artificial grass joining tape. If you have any questions about installation our team would be happy to help - contact Aloro Group online or call us on 02 8918 1818. 

Synthetic Grass Joining Tape Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hide seams in artificial turf after installation?

Laying two pieces of synthetic grass and joining them with pieces of tape is relatively easy, but there are a couple of points you should be aware of to ensure you get a great result. Synthetic turf has a grain direction: if you look closely you’ll see the fibres lay a certain way. When joining turf with tape you will want the grain of both pieces to face the same direction to make the seam less obvious. You’ll also need to trim the edge strip which is found on each roll as part of the manufacturing process. Trimming this off will allow the turf pieces to sit flush next to each other when you fix them together.

What are some other artificial grass installation tips?

After preparing the edges and making sure the grain direction is even, it’s time to attach the pieces to the artificial turf joining tape. Here’s how to join artificial grass with tape: Firstly, lay the joining tape out and then apply adhesive glue to the top of the tape. Each piece of artificial grass is then gently laid on top of the sticky joining tape and pressed together to create a firm seal. The join should also be weighted until it has fully dried and cured which can take up to 24 hours. For best results, apply the tape in a warm, dry environment and do not apply the tape while surfaces are wet (although once dry, the tape and adhesive will withstand wet environments such as swimming pool surrounds).

Is joining tape necessary for all artificial grass installations?

Joining tape is essential for larger installations when you are working with more than one piece of artificial turf and need to create a seamless finish. Most products from Aloro Group are available either in 1.8m wide rolls or 3.75m wide rolls, so if your area to be covered is larger than this you will need to include artificial grass double-sided tape in your installation plan. For small installations or repairs joining tape may not be necessary.

Why should I use artificial grass joining tape?

Our team shares the top 3 reasons why you should use artificial grass joining tape: 1. It creates a seamless, quality appearance – artificial grass joining tape helps to create a smooth and blemish-free appearance by hiding the seams between the artificial grass panels. This ensures your turf looks more natural and well-finished. 2. It prevents dirt and debris from building up between the seams – joining tape helps to prevent dirt and debris from getting between the seams of the artificial grass by ensuring the two pieces don’t separate over time. This helps discourage weed growth and ensures an unnatural line doesn’t appear in your turf. 3. It’s easy to use – Now that you have all the tips and tricks, you can see how easy fake grass joining tape is to use! Simply peel off the backing and apply the tape to the seams. Taking the time to ensure a strong and neat seal will keep your synthetic turf looking great for years to come.