Synthetic Cricket Pitch Grass

A synthetic cricket pitch offers year-round performance. Players can enjoy a match-ready pitch in the summer months that looks and feels just as good in the off-season – with minimal maintenance! 

Great for matches all year round, Aloro Group’s durable and low-maintenance artificial cricket pitch grass is the best choice for new cricket pitch installations or revitalising existing grounds.  

Cricket pitches need to offer very flat and predictable ball-bounce characteristics, and our 9mm cricket grass can deliver true precision for all levels of matches. Cricket pitch synthetic grass is specially designed with an extremely high-density construction, offering wear-resistant properties that make it ideal for repetitive use.

Artificial cricket turf outperforms natural wickets in unpredictable weather conditions and provides a cost-effective low-maintenance surface that is always ready for players to practise their bowling and batting skills. Aloro’s cricket grass is suitable for indoor and outdoor cricket grounds and can be installed in practice nets, on school wickets, on council wickets, and on club grounds. 

With over 20 years of experience providing synthetic grass Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the best choice for artificial grass cricket pitches that deliver true and predictable ball performance, every time. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly team - you can contact Aloro Group for support with product selection and advice on the right artificial cricket turf for your pitch. 

Synthetic Cricket Pitch Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a synthetic and natural turf cricket pitch?

Today’s modern synthetic turf pitches are purpose-designed to offer the same playing experience as grass wickets – but with much less maintenance. Traditional turf wickets are notoriously difficult to keep in top condition and poor wickets can produce inconsistent results for bowlers. An artificial grass cricket pitch on the other hand plays just like a grass wicket, without the need for a skilled groundsman to maintain it. Cricket pitch artificial grass offers a cost-effective, long term solution that means your wicket is never muddy or dry and cracked. Artificial grass for cricket pitch applications can also be customised to create specific types of surfaces that produce different spin, speed and bounce characteristics.

How long does a synthetic cricket pitch last?

A synthetic cricket pitch can last for up to ten years when properly installed, however with frequent use comes the need for frequent maintenance. The lifespan of your synthetic pitch will depend on the quality of the cricket grass, the amount of use it receives, and the level of maintenance it receives.

Can you wear spikes on a synthetic cricket pitch?

For synthetic pitches, good rubber shoes are important for grip, especially when soil or moisture from the outfield ends up on the pitch. Synthetic turf players should always go for a rubber-soled shoe. Rubber-soled cricket spikes feature dimples that are only a few millimetres long, meaning they are less likely to damage a synthetic wicket.

How do I maintain a synthetic cricket pitch?

Synthetic cricket pitches don’t require much maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to keep your synthetic pitch looking its best and performing at its best: Brush the turf regularly to remove any dirt and debris – this also helps the fibres stand up tall and helps prevent excessive flattening of the synthetic grass. Every month or so, spray the artificial cricket pitch with water to remove any build-up of dust, dirt or pollen. It’s also wise to inspect regularly for any signs of damage on your artificial grass cricket ground.