DIY Basketball Court Flooring

Basketball floor tiles from Aloro Group are the next generation of sports court flooring, allowing you to easily install the tiles at home and remove the basketball court surface later if required. Made from high-quality PVC, the perforated click-together modular tiles offer excellent ball bounce characteristics, with several options manufactured to FIBA standards.

Interlocking lightweight plastic offers the perfect alternative to costly and time-consuming permanent synthetic floor installations. Developed for both indoor and outdoor basketball court flooring applications, Aloro’s Easi-Court system creates a seamless, consistent court surface that is slip-resistant and comfortable for players.

Reducing labour costs and installation time, our basketball court flooring complements our wide range of quality artificial grass products for sports and landscaping projects. 

If you have any questions, our team is here to help you select the right product for your new basketball court. Contact Aloro Group for support and advice.

Aloro Sport's DIY Basketball Court Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

What Separates Aloro Sport's DIY Basketball Court Flooring From A Regular Basketball Court?

When you’re researching alternative basketball court surfaces compared to traditional concrete or one-piece synthetic floors, you’ll come across several distinct differences. Whilst traditional courts are made from either poured concrete, acrylic surfacing or timber panelled surfaces, all of these have the disadvantage of being permanent. Whilst this is a positive feature if you’re building a basketball stadium, for home users or people wanting a more flexible option, a removable floor presents the perfect alternative. DIY basketball courts are easy to install and can just as quickly be disassembled, moved and repositioned, meaning you do not have to commit to a permanent basketball court in your yard. With playing characteristics that make it incredibly similar to a regular basketball surface, you won’t notice a difference in ball responsiveness or flooring precision. Aloro Sport’s Easi-Court basketball court tiles also have high elasticity to reduce the likelihood of injury and have an anti-slip design for extra safety even in wet weather, making them an ideal alternative to slick concrete surfaces. There are several varieties in our range: Easi-Court Advantage is well suited to everyday courts as it is extremely hard-wearing and perfect for all ball sports. Equally tough and responsive is the Easi-Court FIBA Pro, a FIBA-approved product that is suitable for competition or more advanced players in domestic settings. Both types of basketball tiles come in two court sizes: 10.17m x 7.14m or 5.32m x 9.26m. Aloro Group can also offer a completely customised size to suit any space.

Do I Need To Hire Someone To Install Aloro Sport?

No – Aloro Sport is designed to be assembled by anyone. With easy-to-follow instructions included with your order, it is a stress-free experience. Simply click the interlocking tiles together to create a seamless court that is the perfect size for your property. Pre-printed designs deliver a ready-made three-point line and free throw circle creating a regulation-sized surface that is tough and durable. To complement your court, why not take a look at our range of synthetic turf for sports and our landscape turf, which can also be installed by capable homeowners using our range of pins and glues.

Where Can I Learn More About Aloro Sport?

Get in contact with Aloro Group for more information on this exciting new product or to get assistance finding the right Easi-Court product to fit your space.