Recycled Crumb Rubber & Rubber Buffings

From soft, safe and comfortable recycled rubber granules for playgrounds, through to heavy-duty rubber granules to enhance sports surface performance, Aloro Group is your crumb rubber supplier of choice. 

Aloro Group stocks a wide range of quality rubber products for every application. This includes different grades of rubber crumb compounds that can be used with our buffing blend for your granulated rubber flooring project.

TPV Rubber Granules 

TPV rubber creates safe surfaces that are perfect for playgrounds and recreation areas. This material is gentle on joints and much softer than traditional playground flooring. Perfect for high-traffic outdoor areas, it has increased UV stability and strength. 

EPDM Rubber Granules 

EPDM rubber granules are an ideal choice for extra durability and UV resistance for athletic applications. Installed using a wet pour process, this rubber flooring creates a durable and low-maintenance surface. 

CSBR Rubber Granules 

A product that offers the best of both worlds, CSBR rubber granules are made from environmentally friendly and cost-effective recycled rubber, providing great all-round performance. 

When you buy crumb rubber, you’ll want to select the right type to ensure your project is a success. If you need help determining which variety is best for your needs, get in contact with Aloro Group. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer advice based on your needs, budget, and project goals.  

Along with being crumb rubber suppliers, Aloro Group also stocks a range of synthetic grass and other surface solutions, providing a one-stop solution for all your landscaping surface needs. 


Rubber Crumb & Bufings Frequently Asked Questions

What is crumb rubber used for?

Rubber crumb granules provide natural shock absorption and cushioning properties, which makes this product a perfect addition to performance artificial turf sports fields. The addition of SBR rubber granules to artificial turf soccer pitches, for example, provides a safety and performance benefit for players. This is due to the shock-absorbing qualities that reduce the impact on joints and ligaments during high-energy, fast-paced sports. The granules also add structure and longevity to synthetic turf fibres by encouraging individual blades to remain upright, keeping turf looking great for longer. Rubber crumb is also frequently used as a playground base material to provide a cushioned surface underneath play equipment. Minor falls and bumps are a natural part of play, and EPDM rubber crumb can elevate playground safety by providing a low-risk surface that is also colourful and fun. Horse arenas are another example of crumb rubber surface use – recycled rubber granules provide both cushioning and rebound for a soft yet supportive surface that is well suited to horses in motion. This helps to reduce musculoskeletal stress and allows them to trot comfortably for extended periods with reduced risk of injury.

Are rubber crumbs and buffings suitable for outdoor use?

Rubber buffings and crumb rubber are tough, completely waterproof, and perfectly suited to challenging outdoor conditions. With good UV resistance, coloured rubber granules can help you create vibrant outdoor spaces and multicoloured sports courts, which remain bright for many years. Rubber crumb and buffings also have some natural weight to them, which prevents excessive scattering during heavy rain events.

Are rubber crumbs and buffings hazardous?

Studies conducted by the EPA have shown that recycled crumb rubber and buffings do not pose a risk to adults, children or pets. These rubber products are made from recycled tyres and do not contain harmful levels of chemicals or compounds. The EPA performed tests on recycled crumb rubber and buffings and published results on their website, which "support the conclusion that although chemicals are present (as expected) in the tyre crumb rubber and exposures can occur, they are likely limited."

How do I choose the right rubber crumb or buffing for my project?

With so many options, selecting the right recycled rubber granules and buffings can be confusing – that’s why Aloro Group’s product experts are standing by to help. Get in touch and let us know about your project or application, and Aloro can help you make an informed choice.