Shop Rubber Chippings for Horse Arena Surfaces

One of the most popular uses for Aloro's SBR rubber granules is creating soft yet hard-wearing equestrian arena surfaces. Rubber is widely used for training and competition dressage arena surfaces, delivering a durable and economical substrate. 

Aloro's premium SBR Granule & Buffing Blend is durable, versatile, and safe for horses and livestock, creating a cushioned surface that maintains excellent performance.

Combining small granulated chunks and shaved buffings, our recycled horse arena rubber helps you create a professional-looking equestrian surface that requires very little maintenance.

So saddle up for success! Contact Aloro Group to learn more about our range of equestrian rubber flooring in a multitude of colours. 

Aloro Group also stocks a complete range of synthetic grass including synthetic turf for sports, synthetic lawns and more. 

With over 20 years of experience delivering synthetic surfaces Australia-wide, Aloro Group is your premium supplier of rubber for horse arenas and equestrian facilities. If you have any questions or need help selecting the perfect product for your project, contact our friendly team. 

Horse Arena Rubber Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Surface for Horse Arenas?

There is a wide variety of riding arena surfaces on the market, and the choice often comes down to finding the sweet spot between a surface that is too soft or too hard. Footing materials that are too soft can lead to tendon injuries, and too-hard surfaces can put unnecessary stress on ligaments. Recycled rubber granules provide a balanced amount of cushioning and rebound, creating a soft yet supportive surface that is well suited to horses in motion. Rubber mulch offers benefits for arena operators too: it is long-lasting, won’t break down over time like wood chips, and is effective at reducing dust and water usage at your facility.

What Are the Benefits of Rubber Surfaces for Horse Arenas?

Using rubber chippings for horse arenas delivers consistent footing and comfort, thanks to its impact absorption and stability. Aloro’s SBR Granule & Buffing Blend is a premium rubber surface material, designed to deliver unparalleled durability and performance with low maintenance requirements. Engineered with excellent durability to withstand heavy use, it ensures long-lasting performance in daily training and competition. Consisting of a half/half mixture of 9-12mm granules and #4 buffings, this product helps you prioritise comfort and reduce injury risks for horse and rider alike. Along with minimising impact on joints and tendons during intense sessions, it also delivers less wear and tear on horses’ hooves. Another benefit is its versatility – SBR Granule & Buffing Blend can adapt seamlessly to any equestrian setting including dedicated horse studs, bustling equestrian centres, or private horse arenas.

How Are Rubber Surfaces Maintained?

Whilst there is some maintenance involved, rubber surfaces are generally much easier to look after than sand or wood chips. Maintaining rubber equestrian surfaces involves periodic levelling and grooming to ensure an even distribution of the crumbed material, however, there are far fewer issues with dust, scattering or waterlogging which can be typical of traditional surface materials. Additionally, good drainage is also important no matter which surface you choose, so ensure your sub-base is properly prepared to prevent water from pooling.

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Horses?

Yes – in contrast to traditional surfaces such as sand or wood chips, rubber granules offer an extra level of cushioning which is gentle on horses' joints. This helps to reduce musculoskeletal stress and allows them to trot comfortably for extended periods with reduced risk of injury.