Synthetic Bowling Greens Surfaces

Ideal for professional lawn bowls fields, local bowling clubs and home use, our durable and low-maintenance artificial lawn bowl grass is available by the linear metre from Aloro Group. Artificial bowling green surfaces need to deliver precise and predictable play, which is why our lawn bowls grass is manufactured from high-quality synthetic yarns, creating a smooth and consistent playing surface. 

With over 20 years of experience providing synthetic grass for artificial bowling greens Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the premier choice in high-performance artificial grass

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Synthetic Bowling Greens Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of synthetic bowling greens?

In lawn bowls, synthetic greens have become a popular choice for many reasons. An artificial green is easy to care for, saving clubs significant time and money on mowing and maintenance. Artificial bowling greens also heavily reduce water use and eliminate the need for pesticides and herbicides that are common in natural lawn maintenance. Synthetic lawn bowling greens can also be laid directly over concrete with the addition of a shock pad, ensuring a perfectly flat surface that provides precision bowl behaviour – an important factor in competitive bowls. Synthetic greens can also be played on year-round, regardless of weather conditions. This makes them ideal for clubs in wet climates or areas with unpredictable weather. Couple this with the durability of artificial grass and you have a winning combination. Overall, synthetic grass is a great choice because it offers: Reduced maintenance Year-round playability Consistent performance Durability

Are synthetic bowling greens suitable for competitive bowls?

TYes, synthetic bowling greens are suitable for competitive bowls. In fact, many major bowls tournaments are now played on synthetic greens and Bowls Australia has published guidelines on how to select the right type of synthetic turf to achieve a high-quality playing surface for your club.

How do you maintain synthetic surfaced bowling greens?

Maintenance is just as critical for a synthetic green as it is for a natural turf green – although it is far less labour-intensive and often much more cost-effective in the long run. Bowls Australia recommends that bowling clubs get specific guidelines from the installer or manufacturer for maintenance, however as a general guideline, regular grooming should be undertaken to keep your green looking and performing at its best. This involves sweeping the green with a broom and using a blower vacuum to clean the green of any leaves and debris. If stains have become deeply entrenched in the synthetic grass, a detergent and water mix can be used with a synthetic brush to clean the surface.

What is the lifespan of a synthetic bowling green?

As a general rule, a well looked after green can last up to 10 years, but the lifespan of synthetic bowling greens heavily depends on how well the surface is cared for and the amount of use it gets. To keep your bowling green at its best for as long as possible, good housekeeping is recommended, such as avoiding food and drink on the green, minimising excessive dropping or dumping of the bowl, and avoiding unnecessary foot and machinery traffic on the green. It’s also a good idea to move rink positions regularly and ensure members wear the correct footwear.