Artificial Grass Adhesive

Secure your artificial grass installation with Aloro Group's artificial grass adhesive, glues, and binding compounds.

Our quality synthetic grass glue ensures you can firmly adhere your turf to all sorts of surfaces and building materials, including concrete, wood, paving or asphalt surfaces, allowing you to bring a relaxing green atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you're installing a synthetic cricket pitch or you’re a professional working on an artificial grass landscaping project, our adhesive for artificial grass will help you get the job done.

With over 20 years of experience providing artificial grass Australia-wide, Aloro Group is the premier choice for artificial grass installation products – and Aloro also carries plenty of stock of artificial grass accessories, including galvanised fixing pins, joining tape and dried sand for artificial grass installation.

If you have any questions or need help selecting the right product, please contact Aloro Group and our friendly and experienced team will be happy to assist.

Artificial Grass Adhesive Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare the surface when applying artificial grass adhesive?

Yes, if you have a rock or gravel base, we highly recommend you pin down your artificial grass to maintain the integrity and appearance of the turf. Pinning down artificial grass is a key step in the installation process, ensuring that your artificial grass stays in place, drains properly, and looks its best for years to come. For applications with solid surfaces, such as a concrete slab, we recommend using artificial grass adhesive instead.

How long does artificial grass adhesive last?

Just like artificial grass itself, our adhesive is very durable and can last for many years. A high-quality installation of a synthetic grass surface typically lasts around 10-15 years, however the lifespan of the adhesive will depend on the surface preparation and how frequently the grass is used.

How long does it take for the adhesive to dry?

Drying times can vary based on the type of adhesive, the temperature and the humidity. Aloro’s all-weather, solvent-based solution develops high strength quickly and, when cured, will withstand unfavourable weather conditions. Always check the manufacturer's instructions for specific drying times and note that it is not advisable to apply adhesive in the rain, or if rain is expected during or shortly after laying.

Do I need to use seaming tape with artificial grass adhesive?

For best results when laying large areas of artificial grass, we recommend using a seaming tape. This allows for a neat join when fixing two rolls of artificial turf together. First, the adhesive is applied to the tape, and then the edges of the artificial grass are laid onto the tape and pressed down to bond.

Can glue for synthetic grass be used around wet areas?

Yes, our synthetic grass adhesive is ideal for use around swimming pools, balconies, outdoor recreational areas and other applications that are subject to prolonged moisture levels. The area should be clean and dry when applying, however, once it is set the glue is resistant to high-moisture conditions.