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40mm Allsports Soccer Grass Green - 3.75m wide sold per Lm

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Experience peak performance with our 40mm AllSports Soccer Grass, purposefully crafted for intense sports like soccer and football. Boasting 4-5 green shades for year-round realism, this turf excels in upright yarn performance and features highly resilient material for outstanding wear resistance. Its heavy-duty latex glue ensures durability, and being lead-free, it guarantees safety for children and pets. With high UV stabilization and compliance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 41001, this soccer grass is the top choice for sporting fields, schools, councils, private clubs, and indoor soccer fields. Step onto the field with confidence and resilience with our AllSports Soccer Grass!


Warranty: 8 Years
Pile Thickness: 40mm ± 1mm
Roll Width: 3.75m wide
Roll Length: 20 LM, Cut to Size (less than 1 roll)
Material: PE Straight + PE Fibrillated Yarn
Yarn Dtex: 13,300 and 8,900 ± 5%
Yarn Shape: Diamond shape + Fibrillated Yarn
Stitch Rate: 16.5 stitches per 10cm ± 3%
Density: 17,325 g/m² ± 3%
Gauge: 5/8"
Backing: PRIMARY – PP cloth 120 g/m², SECONDARY – Mesh 45 g/m²
Glue: SBR Latex 1,153 g/m²
Drainage Holes: 3-5mm in size, 80-100 per m³