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50mm Ultra Real Landscape Grass - 3.75m wide sold per Lm

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Transform your outdoor spaces with the unparalleled realism and comfort of our 50mm Ultra Real Landscape Grass. Elevate your landscape with a wild, non-directional grass surface that captures the essence of nature. The innovative 6-color combination creates an exceptionally natural appearance, more lifelike than traditional artificial grass. Enjoy the luxurious softness and superior resilience of high-quality fibers that ensure long-lasting performance.

Crafted from non-toxic, harmless materials, this eco-friendly turf is safe for children and pets. Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, it enhances playgrounds, council areas, childcare facilities, balconies, rooftops, and even indoor or decorative settings. Experience the next level of synthetic turf with our 50mm Ultra Real Landscape Grass, designed to meet the highest standards of user friendliness and environmental safety.


Warranty: 8 Years
Pile Thickness: 50mm ± 1mm
Roll Width: 3.75m wide
Roll Length: 20 LM, Cut to Size (less than 1 roll)
Material: PE Straight + PE Curl
Yarn Dtex: 20,000 ± 5%
Yarn Shape: Stem shape
Stitch Rate: 15 stitches per 10cm ± 3%
Density: 15,750 g/m² ± 10%
Gauge: 3/8"
Backing: PRIMARY – PP cloth 100 g/m², SECONDARY – PP Cloth 100 g/m²
Glue: SBR Latex 1,153 g/m²
Drainage Holes: 3-5mm in size, 80-100 per m³